Know Your Wood-Burning Stove Or Fireplace Is Installed Right With Chimaree Chimney

The crackling charm and bone-warming heat of a wood stove or fireplace are unlike anything else. For many homeowners – those who love building the fire, stoking the fire, listening to the crackle and pop of the flames, and enjoying the radiant warmth – there’s just no contest. It’s wood or nothing at all. And for those homeowners, we have good news.

Modern wood stoves and fireplaces bring with them all the perks of yesteryear’s wood stoves and fireplaces, without the guilt and high emissions experienced with the appliances of old. You’ll still enjoy watching the dancing flames and red hot logs through large viewing areas, but thanks to advances within the industry, modern wood stoves and fireplaces provide complete combustion, meaning less creosote creation and lower emissions. In other words: you’ll get more heat and enjoy longer fires with less wood, and you’ll be able to put your environmental concerns to rest.

Sound like a dream? Well when you’re ready to make that dream come true, give Chimaree Chimney Company a call! Our technicians are certified and experienced and will make sure your new appliance is installed properly and venting and operating as it should. Safety is paramount to every installation we do and we’re committed to reducing the fire hazards and threats associated with improper installation by doing the job right, each and every time. From checking for proper clearance to combustibles to ensuring that the size and type of flue are appropriate for your new appliance, there’s no detail we don’t check and pay attention to.