Animal Nest Removal

Have Animals Or Birds In Your Chimney? We’ll Take Care Of It For You!

The first time or two you hear the scratching sounds, the ruffling of feathers, the chirping, or the squeaking, you think, “I’m just hearing things.” But then you hear it again and again and it reaches the point where you have to come to terms with it: you have animals or birds in your chimney. What now? No, you don’t need to get on your Hazmat suit and start shimmying up the chimney —  instead, call on Chimaree Chimney Company.

Animals and birds can be a real nuisance when they move from the outside down into your chimney. Not only are they noisy — and typically not during the best hours — but they can bring bugs, feces, and disease in with them which can pose a threat to your health. And it’s not just bad for you and your family — it’s bad for the animals and birds as well! Oftentimes, birds and animals nest in the chimney with young babies. These young birds and animals may have trouble getting out of the chimney and may even fall down into your fireplace, sometimes fatally injuring themselves.

Additionally, their nests, feathers, and fur can create blockages in the chimney and prevent you from even enjoying a fire in your fireplace. And if you don’t know the animals are in there, you may end up going from having an animal problem to a dead animal problem. This is just one of the many reasons annual chimney safety inspections are so important — they can alert you to the problem before you light the first fire of the season so we can take care of it for you.