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Animal Removal

If you suspect that there might be an animal trapped somewhere in your chimney system the best thing to do is contact us immediately. The situation is time sensitive , every minute counts. The faster we can get there the better the chances are of getting the animal out of the system alive. It's very important to try and remove the animal when it's alive because if it dies then that creates a whole new set of challenges for removing the animal. Also to keep in mind is if the animal die's in there it won't be long before you start Smelling a foul odor and start noticing flies in your home. Remember, what ever is in there It wants to get out of there even more than you want it out of there. So by getting to them while their still alive the better the chances of a win, win outcome.

A Step further

Once the animal is removed we will conduct a thorough inspection and find out exactly how it got in to begin with. Then we will make it so nothing gets in again.

Nest Removal

In the event that there is a nest in the system you will want to have it removed as soon as possible.Besides the obvious health reasons having a nest in the system will cause it to not draw properly and not to mention that nesting material makes excellent kindling for causing a chimney fire. A nest in the chimney creates a very unsafe situation and should be taken care of right away.

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